Earth Mother


In the Summer of 1990, I encountered a Manifesto of torn letters pinned to the door of The Box, a dance club in San Francisco. It read:

our environment is being used as a toilet
the peoples of the world are enslaved for profit
blind consumption is motivating the mass genocide of all creatures of the world
addiction is the new religion

These words have haunted me to this day, as I tore if off the door and pinned it up in my studio. A dear friend stole this Manifesto & I stole it back from his studio where he had hung it.

In November 2009, I awoke from a dream = a vision of the Ikon of “Our Lady of the Sign”, a classic Byzantine ikon of Our Lady with hands outstretched praying, but with the globe as I had painted on an egg in her womb, not the young Jesus usually seen in the halo with her midsection. With this vision came the command to clean the plastics from the oceans’ gyres, a phenomenon I had recently read about while surfing the web.

This image has haunted me since. That winter I published a postcard & stickers that I gave to friends that matched this vision with the words of the Manifesto found in 1990. I had photographed the Ikon while visiting L’viw, Ukraine with my mother in June, 2009. My friend Bob Sink matched the Globe, photographed by Kim Hanson in 1996, and added the starry sky.

Since Spring, 2010 I have been itinerant, a period of inner quest after a period of personal tumult in my life. During this past October I spent visiting my mother in Norwich, CT. She happens to live across the street from the Royal Burial Grounds of the local Mohegans. On the night of Samhain I went there to pray for guidance where to settle. While retrieving tobacco to offer the spirits of the dead, I pulled out four stickers of this ikon I had created & was given another vision = a new job and where to settle!

“!,000 Globes 4 Peace & the Planet!”

I envisioned myself making 1,000 topographical globes on ostrich shells that would be sold for $1,000 a piece. Half the proceeds would go to an organization/s of choice working to clean the plastics from the oceans’ gyres & raising awareness to end this environmental catastrophe. One quarter of the proceeds would support the project, the remaining would support my life.

I daily meditate with the Ikon to make me steadfast in my commitment to making this vision become manifested. I envision an ever growing pile of globes underneath a banner with this Ikon & the Manifesto with the charge to clean the plastics from the oceans’ gyres. I saw this completed altar in the lobby of the UN, and in houses of worship across NYC.

I envision putting the world and all it’s beauty in your hands. Those who donate $1,000 to this project will receive one of the globes created once the project is completed and deinstalled. Would you help me achieve this goal? The Eggman


This image came to me in a dream in November 2009 and I asked my friend, Bob Sink (webworknyc.com), to create this image.  It is a composite of an ikon I photographed in L’viv, Ukraine earlier that summer with one of my ostrich globe eggs (photo by Kim Hanson) where Jesus had appeared in a round halo.

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