Welcome 2 the House of Delicious

The House of Delicious is an evolution in extraordinary good taste.

This place online exhibits the collective works of Rosie Delicious, Mother of the House of Delicious. The House of Delicious exists in the realm of the Ideals, and as such manifests through temporary exhibits, salons, performances, as well as expressions in the eggshell arts, fashions, writing, and video.

While known by many names (named Paul Wirhun, became the Eggman, masquerading as Marine Debris or BINKY), we have decided to house all our creative endeavors herein. By showcasing all our works on one site, whether personal or collective, we intend to give a fuller perspective of our world view, aspirations and exhortations to the world.


About Rosie Delicious

I am the Mother of the House of Delicious....The House of Delicious believes that Sexuality is a window into Consciousness, for Art & Sex & Spirit are One! Living on the edge of the Salacious, we find that All Fashion is Drag and Capitalism constrains Creativity! A real political revolution cannot happen until all are sexually liberated!
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